{queen anne’s lace}

this is the recipe for queen anne’s lace jelly that so many have asked for!

PLEASE NOTE: please be positive you are picking queen anne’s lace. there is a poisonous plant similar to queen anne’s lace called poison hemlock. read up, i am not responsible for any mishaps that may occur ; ) click the link below for more info.If you are unsure, skip this recipe & stick with fruit jelly!


Queen Anne’s Lace vs Poisonous Hemlock



Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly Recipe

you will need:

20 large queen anne’s lace flower heads

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1 package of powdered pectin

4 cups of water


bring the water to a boil & then remove from heat.

rinse flower heads thoroughly.

add flower heads, pushing them down into the water, cover & let steep for 30 minutes.

remove the lid & allow to cool slightly, i did about 10 minutes.

remove flowers, straining liquid thoroughly.

measure out 3 cups of the liquid into a pan, add lemon juice & pectin & bring to a rolling boil stirring constantly.

add sugar, & continue until it returns to a rolling boil.

boil 1 minute longer. keep stirring :)

remove from heat, skim off any foam.

pour into sterilized jars, leaving 1/4 inch space at the top.

process in a hot water bath for 5 minutes, counting the time after the water has returned to a rolling boil.

this is what your finished product will look like & it is great with buttermilk biscuits! 



i cannot stress safety & knowledge enough, if you are unfamiliar with plants/flowers that are native to where you live.. DO NOT consume them.


{in this house}

in this house:
i wore rain boots through the wildflower fields
we grew to love the rain
we planted
we avoided the gas oven because it made the house too hot
he made me the most perfect ring from an old spoon
we began FRIENDS from the beginning
we hid in our bedroom & enjoyed the portable air conditioner
we took a midnight trip to our favorite city
i baked from scratch
we ventured out late at night
i drank coffee & he drank smoothies



{some days}

some days i feel so wild & free

some days i feel so caged & alone

somedays i am overflow

some days i am empty, dry

the river must reach the banks, it must know an end

the wildflowers must rise through muck

the swallow must assemble a nest to call home

it takes pain to know beauty

it takes fight to know strength

it takes grounding to know soaring

it takes defeat to know glory

it takes clinging to know release

it takes imperfection to know grace



“i like living. i have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all i still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” -agatha christie

{in this house}

in this house:

we cuddled under string lights

slept with open windows 

& woke to birdsongs

we allowed dishes to stack high & complained because we had to wash them by hand

i sought out my favorite journal & began writing again

our front yard became a wildflower field

we traveled to the sea

i grew fond of the stars 

we became strong in our togetherness


{words that are holding me together}

You are living intentionally.
You are attentive to the world around you.
You are compassionate.

You are not “good enough.” You are good.
(And that is enough.)

{Rachelle Mee-Chapman}


“It’s the fire in my eyes,

And the flash of my teeth,

The swing in my waist,

And the joy in my feet.

I’m a woman


Maya Angelou}


I’d like to halt the voices. I’d like to shut out the masses. I’d like to quiet the stadium. I’d like to climb upon my knees & whisper kindness to myself.

{Chelsea Kessie}


Now, I’m applying it to my faith. God is not my enemy. The church is not my enemy. Those who practice deeply and believe so firmly in what they’ve been taught..also not my enemies. My questions are not threats to god. In fact the Divine is probably more fine with my questions than I am. Somewhere along the way I made it out like we were on different sides. That I had to take it all, or nothing. I’m remembering that there are no “sides” here.

{Alicia Theide, Milagro Girl}


This is why I call myself luscious and soft. I am voluptuous and lush. I am made to embrace and nourish and comfort. As much as I wanted to shrink into invisibility at seventeen, I am a sculpture who is made to be seen and so I say, shyly and with tenderness: here I am.



My deepest, strongest wish for you is that you will use that powerful, insanely smart brain to take a look around. Observe. Start to notice. Ask yourself: what is really going on here? What do I really feel like? Why do I really care so much? What do I really care about? And listen. Listen to your inner voice. The one that I KNOW you hear, but you push it deep down when you do and silence it, most likely with a more determined effort at fitting in. Let that voice out for once, and let it speak to you. What does it have to say? And how does that match what you’re living, and how you intend to live?

{Jessica Leigh Brogan}



art by Mary Wangerin can be found here..jewelry here.

{traveling through}

there is a profound clarity that occurs early in the morning when the world is still sleeping. i have found that it is then that i can breathe & be. at about 3 a.m. we stopped for gas & he wiped away any trace of the salty sea that had been left on our windshield. he fell asleep quickly & left me to drive. he left me to the grace of a wide open road. i slipped in the head & the heart’s “let’s be still” album & allowed it all. travel is intoxicating to me, driving through towns i never knew existed thrills me. i could explore forever. i began to ache for the people i have adventured with in the past. connections that fizzled out, the many miles between, the ones that ended badly, the ones i have carried into my present. i honored my most adored moments with them, all of them. & the bitterness faded, i let go. & i realized..we’re all just traveling through. & let’s just walk hand in hand until the time comes that we must release our grip & allow grace to fill the space in between. this journey isn’t effortless for anyone. we must flow with the seasons of friendship..some are to be gently released in to the winter winds. & i look to my right & see him..my tangible heart..& i’m so full of hope that some will remain & unfurl with me upon spring’s arrival.


“and if you’re not careful, that can’s gonna get stuck on your snout forever & make your life miserable. so drop it.”

“but i love him.”

“so love him.”

“but i miss him.”

“so miss him. send him some love & light every time you think about him, then drop it.”

-Liz Gilbert, Eat Pray Love



{sea song}

i’m lying here in the sand as my love allows himself to be carried by the waves..i cannot. fear stiffens me. the ocean reminds me that i am not invincible (as if there were any question.) the tides roar the mysteries of her depths. so i sit & dream of her vastness. the almost unfathomable. the sea holds more than just fear for me though. she is hope & divine. as immeasurable as the ocean, so are our truths, our possibilities, our gifts, our dreams. if we hold to our promise of kissing the shore we will know greater depths than we ever could have grasped. i’ve been hopeless before, & i will feel hopeless again. but in this moment i am not. i carry the sea within me, her endlessness runs through my veins. i honor her billowing waves..restless, peaceful, infinite.