{the wildflower gathering}


i am so excited to share this upcoming project with you: the wildflower gathering-a monthly self care project, the love child of mixed media artist Mary Wangerin & myself. It is a monthly gathering of bravery + love + freedom to whisper into your life through hand stamped jewelry, mixed media art, & various forms of handmade goodies crafted with care! you can subscribe via etsy: whisperedtruths.etsy.com or marywangerin.etsy.com. we are also hosting a giveaway for the first months gathering..make sure you are following @loudnonsense & @marywangerin (on instagram) , repost this photo, & use #thewildflowergatheringgiveaway. The first package goes out January 15th!


I believe in getting my hands messy with paint, treasuring moments, and in finding happiness in the details. ♥
I believe in creating art that tells the truth. In honoring your beautiful, wild spirit + joyful heart. And in greeting each day with wide open arms, ready to embrace possibility, mystery, + grace.

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with tangled hair i twirl, messy, & free. i believe in honesty: raw, messy, beautiful, ugly honesty, a heart full of wonder, & eyes of grace. i spend my days hammering out life giving words of self love & boldness on bits i finds here & there. i especially love to re-purpose old spoons, leave bits undone, & to encourage folks to find beauty in messes.

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{in this house}

in this house:

we slipped away to georgia & listened to ray lamontagne under the stars

we thanked the earth for her beautiful blessings

there was lots of jelly

one flea market morning we found clementine

i gathered wildflower bouquets

we spent late nights at mcdonalds playing games with our favorites

we dreamt of homesteading & i petitioned for a milk goat

i thrifted nearly everything that fills our home

the basement flooded..& again…& again

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{queen anne’s lace}

this is the recipe for queen anne’s lace jelly that so many have asked for!

PLEASE NOTE: please be positive you are picking queen anne’s lace. there is a poisonous plant similar to queen anne’s lace called poison hemlock. read up, i am not responsible for any mishaps that may occur ; ) click the link below for more info.If you are unsure, skip this recipe & stick with fruit jelly!


Queen Anne’s Lace vs Poisonous Hemlock



Queen Anne’s Lace Jelly Recipe

you will need:

20 large queen anne’s lace flower heads

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1 package of powdered pectin

4 cups of water


bring the water to a boil & then remove from heat.

rinse flower heads thoroughly.

add flower heads, pushing them down into the water, cover & let steep for 30 minutes.

remove the lid & allow to cool slightly, i did about 10 minutes.

remove flowers, straining liquid thoroughly.

measure out 3 cups of the liquid into a pan, add lemon juice & pectin & bring to a rolling boil stirring constantly.

add sugar, & continue until it returns to a rolling boil.

boil 1 minute longer. keep stirring :)

remove from heat, skim off any foam.

pour into sterilized jars, leaving 1/4 inch space at the top.

process in a hot water bath for 5 minutes, counting the time after the water has returned to a rolling boil.

this is what your finished product will look like & it is great with buttermilk biscuits! 



i cannot stress safety & knowledge enough, if you are unfamiliar with plants/flowers that are native to where you live.. DO NOT consume them.


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{in this house}

in this house:
i wore rain boots through the wildflower fields
we grew to love the rain
we planted
we avoided the gas oven because it made the house too hot
he made me the most perfect ring from an old spoon
we began FRIENDS from the beginning
we hid in our bedroom & enjoyed the portable air conditioner
we took a midnight trip to our favorite city
i baked from scratch
we ventured out late at night
i drank coffee & he drank smoothies